Crown Ministries International

The Diamond Club is a rites of passage initiative governed under the auspices of Crown Ministries International Inc. for girls between the ages of 11 and 17.

The diamond is known to be an extremely valuable and costly jewel but prior to its final stage of splendor it must first endure a process.  This process is utterly necessary in order for this natural substance to evolve shinning, clear and sparkling radiantly.  In comparison, a young girl can be likened to that of this very precious gemstone.  The true beauty and value of a diamond often goes unappreciated until it has endured its purification and refining process.  Therefore, we recognize and embrace the potential of every young girl to evolve into all that God has ordained her to become.  Knowing this, it is our endeavor to be tools in their journey to womanhood.

The Diamond Club is committed to training, empowering and guiding the overall holistic development of girls as they transition into prolific young women; emulating moral, ethical and Christian standards.

At Crown Ministries International, we acknowledge, are sensitive to and heed the call of today’s generation.  During this 21st Century, there is an urgent need to mentor and train young people, not for the future, but for “TODAY”. The Bible declares that God has called the young because they are strong.  The key word is “called”.  Youth possess an inherent propensity to be ambassadors for whatever they believe to be “truth”. It is our role as adults to instill within them the only Truth. Therefore, we arrow our rites of passage ministry as a time of celebration.  After a series of workshops, our young ladies will be able to celebrate Truth by pursuing to live a lifestyle of integrity in all they do. With God and the Word of the Lord at the core of the Diamond Club, each passage or workshop will typify the closure of very significant periods in a young girl’s life while simultaneously embracing the onset of others