Crown Ministries International

The Horn of plenty is the common English name for the classical symbol of abundance. The Cornucopia, also known in English as the “Horn of Plenty” is a symbol of prosperity and affluence, dating back to the 5th century BC.

In Greek mythology, Amalthea brought Zeus up on the milk of a goat. In return Zeus gave her the horn of the goat. They believed it had the power to give to the person in possession of it whatever he or she wished for. This gave rise to the legend of the cornucopia. The original depictions were of the goat’s horn filled with fruits and flowers: deities would be depicted with the horn of plenty. More modern images, such as those used in Thanksgiving murals, depict a horn shaped wicker basket filled with fruits and vegetables.

The Horn of Plenty Food and Clothing ministry is a ministry that heeds to the cry of the community.  In 1Samuel 16:13 the Prophet Samuel anoints David to be the next King over all of Israel.  This was refreshing news to Israel being that their present king Saul oppressed them.  The anointing on David’s life empowered him to provide for God’s people in all aspects.  David was a king after God’s own heart.

Crown Ministry has been anointed to provide for our communities and release them from their present oppressor, namely society.  We all know that life can throw its curve balls and you don’t know what kind of situation you might be in tomorrow.  You can be rich and wealthy one day and poor and in poverty that same evening.  This food and clothing ministry will provide for that natural need while you are being processed for success.  When the anointing blows this Horn of Plenty everyone’s need is supplied.