Crown Ministries International

Heart – Considered to be the source and center of all emotional life, where the deepest and sincerest feelings are located and an individual is most vulnerable to pain.  The ability to feel human and an altruistic feeling

One Heart Couples Ministry ministers to the whole marriage unit.  We do not discriminate between husband, wife or children.  We seek to discuss and heal more than just the sex life of couples.  We will minister in the areas that husbands and wives never discuss or have difficulty discussing.  One Heart aims towards one mind, one thought, one vision, one passion, one unit and one covenant in the marital relationship.  The ministry will produce healed and whole marriages that were on the verge of divorce.  We will perform marriage ceremonies and we will see to it that all couples confront the real issues of the marriage, discuss them argue about them and eventually get healed and delivered from them.  Our products will not be perfect or false imaged relationship but real life interactions.  We will bring all of the couples into a realm of Spirituality and reality.  Our example will be one of perfection, that of Christ and His church.  We seek to live as He lived and sacrifice and intercede for our families as He does.  Christ will be the center of every unit, for without Him we have no mirror or pattern.

The result of this, husbands will learn to love their wives as Christ has loved the church.  Wives will submit to their own husbands (not as an inferior entity).

We will not leave out the children but will include the offspring of these marriages in the healing process.  Our goal is for one entire family unit whether it be husband and wife or husband, wife and children to have One Heart.