Crown Ministries International

In the days of Moses, the Pharaoh commanded to all his people to throw all of the male children into the river and save the female children alive.  Because of this decree Moses’ mother built an ark and sent the child off in the river to save its life.  In the years of Jesus’ childhood King Herod sent out a decree that all the male children in Bethlehem two years and younger were to be put to death because of the threat of a savior being born.  Fortunately Jesus had already taken flight into Egypt for safety.  Today it is said that by the age of 18 60% of black men would experience jail, murder or gang violence.  Pharaoh and Herod are still after our young men.

This society is designed to encourage young men to mature.  History tells us that the male gender wasn’t even afforded the opportunity to develop.  This is because in the unseen realm, the devil wants to stop our men from leading their families and nations back to God.  In order to accomplish such a task we must first combat the challenges of maturity and growth within itself.

This society is dedicated to teaching and instructing young men through their stages of development so they can fully become the mighty men of valor.  We are committed to each young man, as it was our brother and son for the reason that reality shows us that they are.  Though many of our teachings may seem old fashion to some it is the principals of the scriptures that will be the main focus of our developmental strategies.  We will teach biblical customs of communication, dress and motivation.  In every lesson, whether it is during a group session or an outdoor activity, we vow to give every young man Gems or jewels that will contribute to their long life of a man and Gentleman.