Crown Ministries International

In Luke 1:39-56 Mary, the mother of Jesus, went to the house of her cousin Elisabeth.  It was there that Mary and Elisabeth talked about some of the amazing things that were happening in their lives.  Mary told Elisabeth that she was pregnant and she had never been with a man.  And Elisabeth shared with Mary that even though she was passed the child baring stages she was pregnant as well.  Each of these women helped out the other and was going through very similar situations.

Here at Sista to Sista we provide a comfortable setting, similar to that of Elisabeth and Mary, so that no one feels left out.  It is designed to provide social interaction among other Christian women.  We aim to minister to the “Total Woman”.    It is a group designed to encourage women needing a positive outlet to speak freely and frankly about any issue, it is not a place for gossip. We invite women of all walks of life to express themselves, share stories and give words of wisdom to one another.  This will be accomplished through fellowship meeting and special events.  Sista to Sista meets every 3rd Saturday of the month, to offer this spiritual support.

The overall goal is the assist women in finding their self-worth, self-esteem, their own identity, and their purpose in God whether they have been naturally or spiritually wounded.